Salicru protects UK healthcare


The National Health Service of the United Kingdom (NHS) and its emergency services are incorporating into their hospitals, different series of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS-UPS) of our brand, which also include the implementation of a technical maintenance service thereof.

In this important process of renovating power electronics equipment, the UK National Health Service has valued the vast experience of Powerworks , our British partner for more than 25 years, in the energy protection of critical infrastructures in the country. Its engineers have also taken care of the maintenance of more than 750 UPSs to guarantee their optimal operation and extend their useful life.

In the healthcare sector, it is also worth highlighting the supply of modular UPSs of the SLC ADAPT series to support a new NHS111 call center called CALL ME, which allows patients to obtain medical assistance by telephone.

In addition to the health sector, the strategic alliance with a leading company such as Powerworks Maintenance Services Ltd, has enabled Salicru teams to be present, for several years, both in official bodies and public services and in different industrial and technological sectors of the country. .