Công suất:

1 PHA 230VAC: TỪ 5KVA -50KVA.

3 PHA 380/400/415VAC: TỪ 5KVA – 200KVA

Xuất xứ: Italy

· IGBT technology.
. Tích hợp biến áp cách ly ngõ ra.
. Điện áp DC ngõ vào: 24,36,48,72,110,150,220, 400 VDC
Ứng dụng trong lĩnh vực: Công nghiệp, Không quân, Hải quân, Dầu khí.

LAYER ELECTRONICS recommends its ISLAND series of inverters, which is a high technology product, to anyone who needs AC where the public grid is not present. Designed to be fed by different input voltages on customer’s request, the ISLAND series of inverters supplies a sine wave output voltage with very low distortion. The high frequency based conversion and the implemented topology allow a high efficiency of the inverters.

The high reliability is due to the high professional level of components used and to its simplicity.

The management through Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allows so many controls to also protect the inverter and the connected load under the harshest electric conditions, environmental and in overload. Particular attention is given in safeguarding the connected load through an insulation transformer in output.